Sunday, August 26, 2012

Summer 2012 recap…

I can’t honestly believe that it has been 3 months since I last updated. We have seriously been on the go all summer long and now I think I had best recap the summer events before Christmas is here. We aren’t slowing down anytime soon so I better get this done! You know its sad when you have to go through all your Facebook pictures to remind yourself of what you actually did…man I’m getting old!

Well before the pictures start I will say that our summer started out with a BANG….literally!Coming home from a Memorial Day party at about 12:30 in the morning we hit a deer just a few miles south of Ames which put a slew of bad luck in motion. Mind you we had just purchased a camper using our vehicle replacement fund after a lengthy discussion about how well our van had been treating us so we could spare the 6K we had saved to buy a camper. BLASTED DEER!!!!! Thankfully everyone was safe and actually the boys slept through it! Thankfully Seann and Wendy came to our rescue yet again and saved our family of 5 from being stranded on I-35!


  Not to mention our bathroom was under a complete remodel…and by complete remodel I mean Adam stripped it to the studs/barebones. So now we are without a bathroom AND a van and then while trying to hook up a hitch to our Explorer Adam had a minor accident with an angle grinder and his ankle requiring 5 stitches in his ankle! I didn’t think we would be able to catch a break!


526742_10100686067741710_542168090_n  522238_10100686137481950_1942449186_n But thankfully the summer went much smoother after this rough patch!

My goddaughter Jaimee came and lived with us this summer to be our live-in nanny and the boys had a blast! It was really nice having someone around who could help not only with the boys but with Braden as well. She really wants to be a nurse when she grows up and she proved that with how well she takes care of B! She feeds him,burps him, suctions him AND changes his trache. Not bad for a 14 year old! We sure do miss having her around!

179096_10100720374999690_2038406832_n    180273_10100737429901530_1073060245_n

This summer marked a lot of firsts for the boys! We all went camping, went to the zoo, went to Adventureland, saw the National Balloon classic, went to the State Fair, first boat ride at the Boesen reunion, first I-Cubs game as a family,Evan rode his very first RAGBRAI, and Braden made his first trips to Wal-Mart, Hy-Vee, and went swimming for the first time! Like I said, we have been on the go all summer long.

Before I get to the pics tho I with give a quick run-down on each of the boys!

Evan-Evan has had a great summer this year! He loves riding his bike, “swimming” as much as possible (as long as he can touch the bottom), loves camping and hanging out by the fire, has mastered playing Super Mario brothers on Wii (he kicks my butt every time), and loves riding anything that makes him dizzy at Adventureland! He has been a great helper around the house but we seem to have issues with the concept of keeping our hands to ourselves…this is a definite work in progress! He starts pre-school right after Labor Day and he can’t wait! I can’t believe my baby is old enough for school! We are super lucky too because our good friend from college, Miss Justine, will be his teacher so we know he is going to have a great year! Tonight, in response to him growing up and going to school, we started a “Evans Big Helper Chart” that he and I developed. Things like “brush teeth, clean up the table, share toys, Listen to mom and dad, go to bed without crying, etc.” If he gets 50 stickers in 1 week he gets to go out for ice cream, if he gets 51-60 stickers he gets to go to a movie, and if he gets more than 65 stickers he gets to do BOTH! Hes pretty excited so I hope it sticks!

Jacob-Jacob’s vocabulary has expanded exponentially this summer and it seemed to have happened overnight. He loves being outside. So much so that I have to lock the door if I’m busy in the house because he will just wonder out on his own! He wants so desperately to keep up with Evan and gets very upset when he cant do the same thing that Evan does (like ride RAGBRAI!) He LOVES tormenting his older brother and reminds me everyday that I am his best friend :) He loves animals and bugs and loves to pretend that he is riding a motorcycle around the house. He also is almost as tall as Evan now. So much so that people constantly ask me if him and Evan are the twins!

Braden-where do I begin??? Braden is growing leaps and bounds! He rolls all over the place, knows more than 50 signs and uses them non-stop to communicate with us, has gone more than 8 hours OFF THE VENT!!!!, loves swinging outside and walking in his mini-pacer, and went swimming this summer!!! Also, big news? His top teeth FINALLY came in! In therapy they are working very hard on helping him to crawl and I think it will be only a matter of time before that happens. He never ceases to amaze me with all the things he does and how he doesn’t let his situation define him. He inspires us daily and we will continue to give him the best life experiences!!!

I’m sure there is so much more that I am missing but what should I expect when its been this long between posts! Anyway I promise to be better this fall at keeping this up to date!

Now-on to pictures (sort of in order of events)


149330_10100651217861150_490596768_n  394612_10100737388404690_1683721637_n524004_10100755048902910_617114761_n    295123_10100734041187540_46969152_n555526_10100788843687890_1517455594_n


8093_10100736844888900_1528161473_n   484297_10100728300576770_1869251353_n428493_10100735830541660_125978059_n  208968_10100735982127880_1764358914_n487879_10100735982976180_357737721_n  545449_10100726551656620_117722870_n548724_10100735885491540_1240030476_n   553697_10100745981044970_920283205_n553883_10100744953873430_1158897901_n   562902_10100735719169850_385453745_n600213_10100735866464670_293881574_n


527610_10100719681429610_327398811_n  598892_10100719752232720_1604450465_n


IMG_3880  IMG_3886IMG_3893  IMG_3901IMG_3904  IMG_3907IMG_3914 IMG_3929


IMG_3961 IMG_3963IMG_3965        IMG_3966IMG_3974  IMG_3985IMG_4023  IMG_4030


180262_10100746501711550_471877117_n  255362_10100781044223080_53108981_n309405_10100746380454550_1676842908_n  417184_10100781044432660_1970231896_n522024_10100746235974090_1757331643_n   526733_10100720374425840_1860532067_n553634_10100781045091340_932308869_n  555748_10100746235200640_1153332589_n556617_10100719436869710_952224295_n  600174_10100746192296620_1249681050_n


314806_10100766072331870_1490902069_n  391512_10100765953624760_1223814000_n406296_10100766083529430_1907884895_n552610_10100766086588300_10994142_n


IMG_4068IMG_4072 IMG_4077IMG_4103  IMG_4117IMG_4122IMG_4129 IMG_4133IMG_4138  IMG_4169


553987_10100745585752140_1618160047_n  555632_10100745511565810_1010202255_n


283743_10100781045360800_2129923993_n 302464_10100781043100330_1047775543_n304668_10100781043489550_1119267086_n  378344_10100781040760020_1553747890_n384619_10100781044003520_1285080671_n387053_10100781043773980_1710811765_n 399545_10100781042361810_1650991903_n551083_10100781042855820_323026024_n  402028_10100781041288960_1087941110_n562898_10100781038888770_256437819_n  603552_10100781037596360_1657882451_n


308909_10100792139009040_1747533059_n  405191_10100792138040980_373182847_n417482_10100792134867340_1650343751_n 418508_10100792134004070_490303132_n484601_10100792140406240_534324555_n  488334_10100792136354360_544428067_n


165853_10100761354187070_934412151_n  165860_10100746638956510_1941577995_n179972_10100678770141160_1140554727_n 225157_10100804694038660_42621346_n253177_10100803856636820_1899009885_n 282604_10100738890664150_1231317763_n293174_10100793022094330_758242748_n  315065_10100803697810110_757569320_n 521992_10100803695709320_1984803610_n  526256_10100803943931880_1103802349_n  428511_10100706104228430_1223595119_n380753_10100754520586660_30899599_n 527097_10100704352444020_283603491_n529363_10100761363363680_59560123_n 557131_10100740798495840_1631724860_n564951_10100707981651060_800447918_n 574573_10100803857240610_423709244_n582334_10100677322142960_959936613_n 599270_10100703316994070_1410929193_n

We hope you all have had as good a summer as ours!!!