Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to my two little men!

Well its official, Big Jake and the B-man are 2!!! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. What an awesome anniversary to celebrate considering we never thought Braden would make it thru the first week of life let alone his 2nd birthday! We are so very blessed to say the LEAST!

Yesterday was the big party and the boys had an awesome time! Thankfully Adam busted his butt getting the house ready, I had most of the stuff bought and decorations/favors made prior to my surgery, my sister came down early to help clean, and Aunt Wendy busted her butt making the AWESOME cake pops for the celebration. We can’t thank everyone enough for all their help and for making the trek to Ames to help us celebrate. Thankfully it was a beautiful 40 degree January day for traveling!

Big things have been happening at the Byersdorfer’s along with the boys turning 2. Evan and Jacob got bunk beds from Gma and Papa Boesen so they are now sharing a room (the only way we could get Evan to agree to share a room). The first night was a little crazy. If you know my boys, you know that Jacob loves nothing more than to irritate the crap out of Evan. I figured it was going to be a bit hairy anyway since this would be the first time Jacob slept in a big boy bed…that wasn’t the issue, it was sharing a room with his favorite prey…Evan! I tried laying down with Jacob to help him stay in bed. This failed miserably as he just kept saying “Mommy? No ni-night!” and he would alternate smacking me in the head or shoving his fingers knuckle deep up my nose. So, then I decided to let him work it out. Mind you, Evan is deathly scared of the dark so he sleeps with a lamp on, and Jacob needs complete darkness to sleep and all I left on in the room is a small night light. This is what I heard over the baby monitor after I left.

Jacob-kicking his feet into the wall laughing     Evan- <whimpering> “Jacob!!! Stop making noise! You are keeping me awake!” <more crying>   Jacob-Kicks the wall harder giggles and asks “HUH???”  Evan- <crying harder> “JACOB!!! Please stop I’m scared and you’re too loud!”  Jacob-<I KNOW he’s smiling, I can hear it in his voice>”HUH????” Evan-“JACOB!!!! STOP SAYING ‘HUH’ YOU CAN HEAR ME!!!!”  Jacob-<even happier> “HUH?????” Evan-sobbing now

This went on for about 30 minutes. Finally, after a visit from daddy they settled down and went to sleep…yeesh Jacob is a stinker! We now have bed time down to a science though. The key you ask? Jacob gets put in bed 30 minutes before Evan and then, only when Jacob is fast asleep, does Evan lay down. Not bad though considering Jacob took to a big boy bed without hesitation. I hope it lasts!

boys and beds bunk bedsjacob ladder jake bunkbeds evan bed

Braden has been making great stride at therapy at ChildServe. He is working on sitting up, rolling over, and getting desensitized to food (the one thing that he is resisting but each day gets a little better). He can roll over unassisted now and actually does it on his own! He really wants to be everywhere his brothers are so he has scooting down to a science! He also got a new walker and LOVES sitting up in it and scooting all over the kitchen/dining room. He throws a MAJOR fit every time we take him out of it. He literally runs himself into the ground in that walker. He will be beet red in the face, sweating, and laying his head on the handles but refuses to be taken out! Other big news? With Jacob and Evan getting bunk beds, Braden has now moved out of his hospital crib and into Jacob’s crib. It was pretty funny watching him get used to the springs the mattress sits on. He sat for hours bouncing up and down in his new bed. The other boys like having him in there too! We’ve caught both boys climbing into the crib to be with him!

B walker  IMG_3251  IMG_3274    IMG_3276Braden walker

The boys had an amazing birthday! They both LOVE balloons so we had a balloon themed birthday. I had bought a helium tank with 30 balloons from Wal-Mart and Adam filled them all and we had them hanging from the ceiling. The boys went nuts! It was also a good way to practice their colors. Anytime you ask Jacob what color it is, no matter what color it is, would yell “GREEN!!! RED!!! BLUE!!! YE-WHOA!!!” and Braden would sign for “Red” then “Blue” and sometimes “Green” its pretty funny!  They also got a TON of gifts. Of course, Jacob got a drum set and Adam made the mistake of opening it during the middle of opening gifts so then the boys didn’t care about the rest of the presents. Luckily there were plenty of other kids to help open gifts! I feel bad for the garbage man tomorrow when he comes to get our trash!

Oh and even cooler???? Braden sprinted for 3 HOURS off the vent. WAY TO GO BUD!

BIG thanks to everyone who came to helped celebrate the boys big day! Its always great to get everyone together under one roof to hang out and enjoy each others company!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS! We can’t imagine our lives without you!

balloons  boys cakeIMG_3249  big jakeblowing candels  drumseatingcake  eatingpizzaIMG_3257  IMG_3259IMG_3262  IMG_3263IMG_3266  IMG_3267IMG_3268  IMG_3269IMG_3272  IMG_3273

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A little reminiscing…

I had planned to do this closer to the boys’ birthday but I'm not gonna lie…I'm bored out my skull and this is safer for my bank account and marriage then online shopping ;) I can’t believe that my boys are going to be 2 in less than 2 weeks. Where has the time gone really? So, in honor of my boys, I will write their birth story (more for me really and for use against them when they get older).

For those of you who know about Adam and I and our struggles with infertility (now we realize was due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) you would know that twins “do not run in our family.” They (and Evan) are Clomid/Metformin babies (thank god for modern medicine). I remember like it was yesterday getting a call from Mid Iowa Fertility to come in for an ultrasound because my HCG levels were so high and the nurse looking to Dr.Cooper and asking “is that what I think it is?” and his response “Yep there are two!” and Adam’s clever response “Two what?” Then I remember watching as his skin tone changed to a lovely shade of green and heard Dr. Cooper ask Adam if he needed a trash can. What a wiener! 

Anyway, those of you who were on this crazy journey with us know that our lives changed at our 20 week ultrasound when we discovered Braden’s “condition.” Those were some pretty scary months and ultrasounds quickly lost their appeal. We were tired of hearing all the things that were wrong with Baby B (Braden) and only getting pictures of Baby A (Jacob). That broke my heart that I had to ask for pictures of Braden…he’s in there too you know! Just because he is different didn’t make me want pictures of him any less to document his progress. I would also  feel bad watching Braden get the crap beat out of him by Jacob…knowing the boys now, I can now see that their personality was shining through very early! Jacob, the aggressor, and Braden, rolling with the punches, literally!

IMG_0002 The first time the boys are seen clearly as two little gummy bears

   Baby A 24W2D JacobBaby B 24W2D-2     Braden’s little legs

          Braden getting kicked in the face by Jacob Baby B 24W2D-4

I remember around my 33 week appointment and being M-I-S-E-R-A-B-L-E! I had been sleeping upright in a nest of pillows on our couch from about week 14 on and begging to be put on bed rest (it hurt SO badly to walk!) and being told “you are doing great we are hoping you make it to 38 weeks!” GAG!  And then quickly being told during my stress test that “Baby A’s placenta is acting funny” (Great what more could go wrong…I had been so worried about Baby B that I had taken for granted that Baby A was just along for the ride and was smooth sailing) I was given prednisone shots 24 hrs apart and was given a tour of the Mercy NICU (just in case). Holy HELL did that steroid shot hurt! Anyway, I remember meeting Helen,one of the many amazing ladies up on the 4th floor, who gave us a quick tour and she said “it was nice meeting you but you are doing great so I’m sure we wont see you back here!” HA! Looking back on that now is kind of funny knowing now that we would see her in less than 24 hrs and for how long we stayed up there afterward! :)

These were taken 3 days before I went into labor…sexy I know!

19871_720504815580_16928390_42353416_5542790_n  19871_720504820570_16928390_42353417_1273490_n

Well it was Friday, January 29, 2010 and I had gotten my second steroid shot and could barely walk. Mind you, I was going on about 3 hrs of sleep because I had woken up to a horrendous amount of sharp pain thinking that Braden had flipped yet again! I was miserable all day at work with a low back ache and I’m almost certain I may have fallen asleep at my desk once (whoops). I went home and settled in with Adam and Evan and we ordered Dominos pizza and I ate myself stupid (probably not the smartest thing I could have done considering). Adam’s brother Ben and his fiancĂ© at the time, Ann came down to Ames and wanted to take Adam out to the bar since they were in town so I told him to go since I was planning on going to bed at like 9 that night. Adam came back around midnight and had just laid down when I hobbled to the bathroom for my 1 of 12 midnight potty breaks. I had just stood up when I felt like I had gone to the bathroom again accidentally…looked down and saw blood. I silently freaked out and sat back down for my water to break seconds later. I then REALLY freaked and yelled for Adam who was annoyed that I woke him up…until I told him what had happened and then he IMMEDIATELY sobered up! I called my friend Nicole who was about 8 months pregnant herself and she rushed over to watch Evan and then we called both sets of parents and my mom and dad rushed to Ames from Waterloo to relieve Nicole.

I called Mercy and they told me to head to Mary Greeley first to make sure I didn’t deliver in the mini-van on I-35. By the time I got to MG it was 1 am and I was dilated to 3cm. They carted me off and sent me via ambulance down to Mercy. Mind you, I get car sick and here I was, tummy full of pizza and 2 babies, laying down, contracting 3 minutes apart, and bouncing all over the place on the stretcher…it was a LONG ride to DSM!  I passed the time by joking with the paramedics. He asked “Is it too warm in here?” to the attending nurse with me and I told them that they “should just take their pants off like me cause I thought it felt great!” he also asked if I wanted him to dim the lights and I told the nurse “Watch out! That’s exactly what got me into this predicament!” The paramedic said I won the award for best patient he’s ever had to transport! YAY me!

Anyway, by the time I got to Mercy it was about 3 am and they were prepping a room for me and THANKFULLY they gave me my spinal so I didn’t feel the need to push anymore! By 4:40 the boys were born. It was the start of many scary moments. There I lay and they said “Baby B is out” and what followed was DEAD.SILENCE. I was not prepared to NOT hear anything. I kept asking “whys he not crying? What’s going on?” and Adam just shook his head and said “I think they took the baby into another room” and then 1 minute later I heard what sounded like a baby Velociraptor and they brought Jacob over to us wrapped up, allowed me to see him and get a quick picture before they whisked him away too. I don’t remember too much past that other than I think I told Adam to leave me and follow the babies and make sure Baby B was OK. Baby “B” was 5 lbs 0 oz and 14 1/2” long. Baby “A” was 4 lbs 11 oz and was 17 and 3/4” long. Oddly enough, their combined weight was just 3 ounces shy of their big brother Evan’s birth weight!

P1290152  P1290155P1290162  P1290163

At some point in recovery Adam came back and said they were both in their room in the NICU and he showed me some pictures he had taken. Then we set out for the daunting task of naming them. I wasn’t about to let Adam back up there without names for them.

If any of you were around for the naming of Evan you would know that it literally almost caused us to divorce because we could NOT agree on anything. I, of course, had great names picked out and all of Adam’s names sounded appropriate for a child who was born underneath the bleachers at a NASCAR event (no offense if your child was actually birthed this way) So, for the good of our marriage, we each had compiled two lists that we, conveniently, forgot (mind you the boys birth took us by surprise since they were 6 weeks early).  Braden was a name we both had on our lists so of course we chose that. We also decided it would be easiest to name Baby “B” this since Braden started with “B”. We are really clever…that and we were exhausted and needed a sure fire way NOT to forget our kid’s name.

We went back and forth for a 2nd name and I quickly shot down Dominic…not cause it’s a bad name, but because Adam said it was fitting since we had had Domino’s pizza that night. I refused to have our child named after what we had for supper that night! So we had agreed to disagree on just about everything before Adam finally said “What about Jacob…I don’t hate that name!” and there you have it! The boys were named!!! 

I’m not sure when this occurred, but the nurses wheeled me out of recovery and up to the 4th floor to see the boys before putting me in my room on Mother/Baby. (At least this is what I think happened…it’s all real fuzzy after the naming debacle). I remember seeing both boys in their isolettes and not being able to touch them so as to not shock their system. Maybe I was allowed to touch but I know I couldn’t rub them, I think I was maybe allowed to place my hand on their back for a short while (ladies maybe I’m dreaming this correct me if I’m wrong) and then its all a blur after that. Thank god for pictures right?

So, instead of trying to relive the blur of my 3 day stay which had quite a few ups and downs, I will let the pictures do the talking. During my stay we were given the “grim” diagnosis for Braden, he failed his attempt at extubation, and we went home not at all prepared to leave our two new babies in Des Moines as we went home to Ames. <sigh> I really don’t want to relive that emotional rollercoaster anytime soon. I will tell you that they really shouldn’t give a postpartum mother, who was just given the news that “her child may not live through the week,” official government documents to fill out. I felt rushed to fill out their birth certificates before discharge and in doing so, accidentally checked the box to have Jacob given up for adoption. WHOOPS! Thankfully the boys nurse, Kate, assured DHS that we loved BOTH the boys and were certain we wanted to keep BOTH of them. Sorry Jacob, mommy was under duress and didn’t read the fine print while filling out your birth certificate! I had no intentions on giving you up…no matter what I may say now…JUST KIDDING I would not trade you for the world!

Anyway its amazing to me that that was 2 years ago and look where we are now! There are no words really other than we are REALLY blessed! So in closing…here are some pics documenting the boys entry into our family!

Settling in to their room – NICU

P1300173  P1300178P1300192  P1300193

Jacob David (Named after his Papa Boesen)…he was the tiniest baby we had ever held!

P1300181  P1300189P1300196  P1310223P1310228 P2030272  P2020248

Braden James (named after his Great Grandpa Boesen)

191 - Copy  P1300204P1310210  P1310213P2010243 - Copy P2020247P2020251  191 - Copy

Holding the boys together

155 - Copy  158183  P2050345P2050353  P2070404 - CopyP2080432  P2080429

Visitors and Evan meeting his little brother

18765_1248477767203_1087200584_30708357_1531746_n P2030285P2090445  P2050360  18765_1248477847205_1087200584_30708359_4867341_nP2090450  P2090452P2090455                    P2090456P2100473  P2100475P2110485 

And last but not least…here is a pic from their 1st birthday! I can’t believe how much they have changed from birth to 1 year and now to year 2!  I’m so proud to be their mama and look forward to many MANY more birthdays to come!