Sunday, January 15, 2012

A quick update…

Thought I would hop on and update everyone on my surgery since there isn’t much of anything else I can do right now which is very frustrating. Here I thought not doing anything would be a nice reprieve but really its just annoying. I hate feeling helpless (now I am eating my crow after yelling at my Grandma to take it easy after her surgery-I get it now so sorry Grandma…but really you did do too much after your surgery ;) )

The day before surgery was HORRENDOUS!  If I never have to do a bowel prep it will be too soon and just for the record…yellow Gatorade is HORRIBLE! Anyway that should be self explanatory about my day before surgery!

Thankfully my sister came and picked the boys up and took them back to Waterloo for the week. Word (and picture messages) has it that the boys had a great time at Gma and Gpa Boesen’s house and have basically eaten them out of house and home! So much so that my dad texted last night and asked “Do your boys come into the kitchen every 5 minutes and tell you how good it smells when you are cooking?” and my sad reply… No they usually cry and say “I don’t want to eat! Can I just have fruit snacks/cheese stick? Fine! I’d rather go to bed than eat dinner. My tummy hurts so I don’t want to eat supper.’” or my personal favorite “I already ate lunch so I don’t need supper.” Also, immediately after dinner, Evan started planning what Papa was going to make him for breakfast. I guess it’s a good thing he’s fattening up at Papa’s house so he has weight to spare when he goes on his hunger strike again at home right?

Either way I’m thankful that they are having such a great time at grandma and papa’s house. It was nice to not have to worry about them being taken care of this week and they are having a blast on top of it so win-win for everyone! BIG thanks to my parents and Shelly for taking them for us this week!

On to surgery…it was scheduled for 730 am but I don’t think I got in until 830. Everything went well and they were able to do it laproscopically which has helped immensely in the healing process. I have 4 incision sites, 2 on my right side, 1 on the left, and 1 right above my belly button where the camera was placed. My doctor said that there was a dermoid cyst in the right ovary which had adhered to scar tissue in my abdomen/previous C-section scar, and it had adhered my left ovary creating a horse shoe of scar tissue and internal organs. She said it was quite weird and she had never seen anything like it. This might explain all the pain I had been having considering I was one hot mess on the inside! Anyway they took the dermoid out and the initial pathology report was clean so they went ahead and took everything else out. I think the whole surgery took 3 hours. I had some serious bouts of nausea even with a patch behind my ear and Phenergan on board so that wasn’t fun but the worst was the dry mouth after surgery. My mouth felt like an Arizona desert in the peak of summer…bleh it sucked!

Other than that things went pretty well. The nurses were laughing at me since I was up reading my Nook 2 hours after surgery when I should have been sleeping. My response-I’m a seasoned pro at surgeries now (this is my 5th  in 4 years) and every time I closed my eyes I thought I was going to fall off the face of the earth and throw up all over myself so I really didn’t have a choice but to power through :/

Moving on…I was released Thursday at 3pm to go home and was greeted by my B-man who signed “Mom, mom, mom” waved to me, blew me a kiss and signed “I Love you” when he saw me. What a nice greeting to come home to :) Then he sat with me on the couch and later rolled over by himself without assistance which perked my spirits up quite a bit.

Friday, I’m not going to lie, S-U-C-K-E-D! Lots of nausea, pain, and I couldn’t sleep but thankfully, Saturday I woke up with all the air in my belly finally being absorbed and was somewhat back to “normal.” 3/4 of my incisions look pretty good with the one above my belly is kind of bloody and really bruised. Other than that I can’t complain.

Yesterday was a lazy day. Braden and I watched a Glee marathon and just laid around all day which was kind of nice. Today the boys are coming home so we are pretty excited about that. It is far too quiet in this house :) I would like to thank Adam for being so awesome this week. I know its hard for him to just sit by while I go through surgery after surgery and not have any say in it but he pushes through and has been awesome this week. He’s taken on quite a bit of responsibility at home and has been a huge help so I can’t thank him enough for putting up with yet another surgery/recovery. And sorry to the Byersdorfers for throwing a wrench into our Christmas weekend…trust me I would have rather been doing that than having surgery!

Anyway, thanks to everyone for the prayers, cards, well wishes, and support. Oh and best of all??? My nurse called Friday and said the final pathology report was CLEAN!!!! WOOHOO! Now I think we can breathe for a bit :)

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