Monday, January 30, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to my two little men!

Well its official, Big Jake and the B-man are 2!!! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. What an awesome anniversary to celebrate considering we never thought Braden would make it thru the first week of life let alone his 2nd birthday! We are so very blessed to say the LEAST!

Yesterday was the big party and the boys had an awesome time! Thankfully Adam busted his butt getting the house ready, I had most of the stuff bought and decorations/favors made prior to my surgery, my sister came down early to help clean, and Aunt Wendy busted her butt making the AWESOME cake pops for the celebration. We can’t thank everyone enough for all their help and for making the trek to Ames to help us celebrate. Thankfully it was a beautiful 40 degree January day for traveling!

Big things have been happening at the Byersdorfer’s along with the boys turning 2. Evan and Jacob got bunk beds from Gma and Papa Boesen so they are now sharing a room (the only way we could get Evan to agree to share a room). The first night was a little crazy. If you know my boys, you know that Jacob loves nothing more than to irritate the crap out of Evan. I figured it was going to be a bit hairy anyway since this would be the first time Jacob slept in a big boy bed…that wasn’t the issue, it was sharing a room with his favorite prey…Evan! I tried laying down with Jacob to help him stay in bed. This failed miserably as he just kept saying “Mommy? No ni-night!” and he would alternate smacking me in the head or shoving his fingers knuckle deep up my nose. So, then I decided to let him work it out. Mind you, Evan is deathly scared of the dark so he sleeps with a lamp on, and Jacob needs complete darkness to sleep and all I left on in the room is a small night light. This is what I heard over the baby monitor after I left.

Jacob-kicking his feet into the wall laughing     Evan- <whimpering> “Jacob!!! Stop making noise! You are keeping me awake!” <more crying>   Jacob-Kicks the wall harder giggles and asks “HUH???”  Evan- <crying harder> “JACOB!!! Please stop I’m scared and you’re too loud!”  Jacob-<I KNOW he’s smiling, I can hear it in his voice>”HUH????” Evan-“JACOB!!!! STOP SAYING ‘HUH’ YOU CAN HEAR ME!!!!”  Jacob-<even happier> “HUH?????” Evan-sobbing now

This went on for about 30 minutes. Finally, after a visit from daddy they settled down and went to sleep…yeesh Jacob is a stinker! We now have bed time down to a science though. The key you ask? Jacob gets put in bed 30 minutes before Evan and then, only when Jacob is fast asleep, does Evan lay down. Not bad though considering Jacob took to a big boy bed without hesitation. I hope it lasts!

boys and beds bunk bedsjacob ladder jake bunkbeds evan bed

Braden has been making great stride at therapy at ChildServe. He is working on sitting up, rolling over, and getting desensitized to food (the one thing that he is resisting but each day gets a little better). He can roll over unassisted now and actually does it on his own! He really wants to be everywhere his brothers are so he has scooting down to a science! He also got a new walker and LOVES sitting up in it and scooting all over the kitchen/dining room. He throws a MAJOR fit every time we take him out of it. He literally runs himself into the ground in that walker. He will be beet red in the face, sweating, and laying his head on the handles but refuses to be taken out! Other big news? With Jacob and Evan getting bunk beds, Braden has now moved out of his hospital crib and into Jacob’s crib. It was pretty funny watching him get used to the springs the mattress sits on. He sat for hours bouncing up and down in his new bed. The other boys like having him in there too! We’ve caught both boys climbing into the crib to be with him!

B walker  IMG_3251  IMG_3274    IMG_3276Braden walker

The boys had an amazing birthday! They both LOVE balloons so we had a balloon themed birthday. I had bought a helium tank with 30 balloons from Wal-Mart and Adam filled them all and we had them hanging from the ceiling. The boys went nuts! It was also a good way to practice their colors. Anytime you ask Jacob what color it is, no matter what color it is, would yell “GREEN!!! RED!!! BLUE!!! YE-WHOA!!!” and Braden would sign for “Red” then “Blue” and sometimes “Green” its pretty funny!  They also got a TON of gifts. Of course, Jacob got a drum set and Adam made the mistake of opening it during the middle of opening gifts so then the boys didn’t care about the rest of the presents. Luckily there were plenty of other kids to help open gifts! I feel bad for the garbage man tomorrow when he comes to get our trash!

Oh and even cooler???? Braden sprinted for 3 HOURS off the vent. WAY TO GO BUD!

BIG thanks to everyone who came to helped celebrate the boys big day! Its always great to get everyone together under one roof to hang out and enjoy each others company!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS! We can’t imagine our lives without you!

balloons  boys cakeIMG_3249  big jakeblowing candels  drumseatingcake  eatingpizzaIMG_3257  IMG_3259IMG_3262  IMG_3263IMG_3266  IMG_3267IMG_3268  IMG_3269IMG_3272  IMG_3273

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