Monday, April 18, 2011


Well, its official. I am the mother of a three year old <<SOB>>. And might I add he is an amazing, sweet, generous 3 year old to boot. I have been looking forward to his birthday all month and have been talking about his birthday with him and he had been asking everyday up till Saturday when his “Sticky” Spiderman birthday was going to be. Many people have asked “Why is he called “Sticky” Spiderman?” Why else??? He has a sticky web. And that’s exactly what Evan refers to him as :) Pretty clever if you ask me.

Well the day started off with a blustery trip to the VEISHEA parade on ISU campus. We had hoped to go as an entire family but Braden is NOT a fan of wind let alone 30 degrees plus 25-30mph wind. I shouldn’t complain too much. Our friends just an hour north had an inch of snow to wake up to so we will take the crap cold/wind. We bundled Jacob and Evan up and went to the parade with Uncle Seann and Aunt Wendy where Evan made it big with candy. Poor Jacob’s teeth began to chatter so Adam ended up taking off his coat and wrapping it around him for the majority of the parade. We also ran into our friends Rob, Kym, and Baby Mo-to-be and saw our friends Shorty, Allison (Baby Kempers-to-be), and Skippy in the parade so that was a fun bonus to the super cold day!

IMG_0527   IMG_0528


After the VEISHEA festivities we headed home to get the party started. I let Evan open one of our presents and he HAD to wear it of course. Aunt Shelly came through with his Spiderman/Batman balloon he had requested as well. The only problem with these is that Jacob is ALSO a fan of these and Evan constantly reminds him “DON’T POP MY BALLOONS JACOB!!!!”

IMG_0534   IMG_0536

All of our closest friends and family piled into the house to help us celebrate and (Thanks to the Bahl family) we had an awesome bouncy house set up for the kiddos. Luckily the wind subsided some and the sun came out so it was MUCH nicer than it was earlier for the parade. Evan and the kids LOVED the bouncy house and it kept them quite entertained.

207862_1758936928363_1087200584_31694152_187792_n  IMG_0550

We also had a piñata for the kiddos which was quite hilarious to watch. Probably should have bought the piñata where the kids pull the string but what fun would that be? I think each kid got about 20 good whacks in before Adam came out with a mallet and “helped” speed things along. It was cute to watch them run around hoarding candy.

IMG_0556  IMG_0568


Next it was time for cake…well cupcakes. Evan led us all in Happy Birthday. We had to ask first if he wanted us to address him as Evan or Sticky Spiderman ;)

IMG_0553          IMG_0554

I think he had an awesome time. At the end of the night, before he went to bed, he said “Thank you for my Spiderman cupcakes, the jumpy bouncy house, and my Spiderman outfit. I love you mom.” Ugh, just melted my heart…not to mention I think I cried a little bit ;) Here are some of my favorite pictures that my dad took…he’s a master at candid photos HA! BIG thanks to everyone who made the trip down and up to Ames to help make one little boys birthday SO very special and memorable to him and us!

205220_1758940328448_1087200584_31694161_7594750_n        208308_1758943648531_1087200584_31694169_709345_n



IMG_0606   IMG_0610

The picture below is Grandma Byersdorfer catching Evan cheating at Hungry Hungry Hippos!


On Sunday, Evan's actual birthday, he decided he wanted to go to Reiman Garden’s and see the “so very beautiful butterflies” so who was I to deny the birthday boy his birthday wish. Unknowingly to us, kids got in free AND they had an Easter egg hunt and bunny petting zoo (not sure which one he liked more). Enjoy the pics, I know I enjoyed watching him be a little boy exploring and taking everything in. Oh, and if you are wondering, he dressed himself in some of his new things he got for his birthday :)

IMG_0617  IMG_0630

        IMG_0644         IMG_0645IMG_0661

IMG_0667   IMG_0674

Hope your weekend was as good as ours!

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