Friday, February 25, 2011

My boys are growing up….


Its kind of scary watching the boys and seeing how far they have come from these two under 5 lbs 34 weekers. They amaze me each day with how quickly they are picking things up. Especially Braden! Since he has been home he is rolling (well as far as his vent circuit/trache will allow him) and as of yesterday we had to pull his crib rails up a notch because he got his leg over the railing and dangled it over the side like “did you see what I just did?” Jacob is also pulling himself up and standing. He really wants to walk but doesn’t quite have the concept of picking his legs up off the ground yet. He also has quite the temper. He does this great impersonation of the Incredible Hulk where he balls up his fist, shakes them at you while screaming through gritted teeth. I HAVE to get video of this!

Jacob playing with his birthday present from Uncle Seann and Aunt Wendy

I couldn’t get the video of Braden playing to load because it was too long. So here are  some pics of us playing today.


Always a hambone when the camera comes out :)



One of my favorite chubby hands


Sitting like a big boy in a carseat

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