Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bring on spring…

I can’t even being to tell you how excited I am for warmer weather and be done with this virus/illness infested winter! I can’t wait to have the windows open, warm spring breezes with the scent of rain wafting through the house and I can’t wait for the trees to bud! I think one of my favorite things about spring and Iowa is how green everything looks when the trees and bushes bud and the grass begins to grow. I also can’t wait to go on walks with the whole family and take Braden and Jacob to the park for the first time. I think we are all going a little stir crazy locked up inside.

With the season change comes the urge to clean. Our house needs it so badly too. I absolutely cannot wait to clean the inside of our fridge and shampoo the carpet. I think our carpet right now is seriously worse than the floor of the monkey enclosure at the zoo. Jacob throws his food to watch Bailey chase after it, Evan’s Sippy cup leaves tiny droplets of juice everywhere, Braden shoots milk balls out his bolus feeding tube and I swear he thinks he’s in a warzone trying to nail the enemy as we walk by. Its so bad that when I hear it start to bubble now I hit the deck hoping to not be a casualty of his dinner! So, needless to say the carpet needs some serious TLC.

Anyway, the boys seem to finally be on the mend and have now graciously included me to their elusive illness club…thanks for including me guys! I have a wretched sore throat, painful ears, and a head full of junk. Earlier in the week I swore my lungs were waging a silent crusade to drown me in my sleep. Thank god for Robitussin (or in our cheap-o case just “Tussin”) Still hoping B doesn’t come down with it but he's secretions have gotten a bit thicker lately so I think its only a matter of time…WAH-WHON! We are trying to stay on top of it though and hope we can keep it in check. He decided to throw a hissy fit last night and the only thing I can think of is that his trache was twisted and it was causing him pain and I tried calming him down but he started his thrashing about and threw himself into a bronchospasm which he in turn turned purple/black, required a trache change, and some serious bagging to open up his airways. I’m hoping he doesn’t start this as a temper tantrum scheme because that would NOT be good! He came out of it pretty upset and I just rocked him and he fell immediately asleep. Ugh! Not a good way to end our night!

Other than that he is doing great. He started clapping, and likes doing the Homer Simpson spin in his crib. He also has really discovered his legs lately and likes to grab his chubby little thighs and his knees. He also thinks his brothers are about the funniest things on the planet.

Evan is constantly keeping us on our toes with his “Evan-isms” which usually have something to do with him referring to his wiener.  I hear this doesn’t get better as they get older! He also prefaces everything now with “OH MY GOSH…ARE YOU KIDDING ME? SERIOUSLY (Insert someone in the house)” He also refuses to sleep in his room anymore. He tells me “Im scared of my room…I don’t like it” and I ask why and he responds with the ever descriptive “Because”. I think the last three nights I have woken up to Jacob screaming and end up stepping right on Evan’s head because he has snuck into our room to sleep on the floor in the middle of the night. He also has taken over the remote now that we have Nick Jr on DISH network. I can’t tell you how disturbing it is to be dreaming about WOW WOW WUBZY now that I have to watch that EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. <<shudder>>

Jacob is struggling with not being able to walk yet. He wants so desperately to be as fast as his big brother but he can only manage to pull himself up. I think hes gonna be our little klepto. He likes to pull himself up on the kiddie table and swipe Evan’s food when hes not looking. The other morning I found Jacob under the table huddle in the corner like a rabid raccoon nibbling on Evan’s chocolate muffin. It was pretty funny. Hes also become  my rock-out buddy. He likes to jam out with me on the way to daycare as I cruise the town of Ames in the Ol’ Chrysler Town and Country pumping my new Eminem CD. I’m one ghetto soccer mom haha.

So anyway that’s our week in a nutshell. Oh before I forget my nephew Phil had to write a short story about someone important in his life and he chose to write about his baby cousin Braden. He wrote that his baby cousin Braden has a disease and needs tubes and a machine to help him breathe and he eats food through his tummy. That was pretty special to hear that he chose Braden as his important person in his life so thanks buddy you made my day :)

P.S. GO CYCLONES! We are winning our 3rd Big 12 game :)

Here are some pics from this week….


B’s 2nd Bio-mom Kate came to visit

(Kate and I made an unofficial agreement that she would get Braden should Adam and I kick the bucket…Im still trying to convince her take the other 2)


2 brothers from another mother (Noah and Jacob)


Noah is having flashbacks of Jacob squashing him while he was in his mama’s belly


Holding daddy’s hand while he naps


I love this picture :)


Judge Braden…watch out Lindsay Lohan he’s not messing around!


Evan wanted to take a bath with the B-man


My big boy


How can you not love that face?


Me and my boys and Miss Bailey

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  1. What great pictures - thanks for sharing. Big B does look BIG in the big tubby!