Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Doppler 3000 aint got nothin’ on Jacob!

So, as I sat for about 2 hours today hoping the tornados in southern Iowa missed my friends and didn’t swing up towards Ames causing us to gather all B’s equipment and huddle in the basement, Jacob showed off his own radar abilities. I swear that kid knows the exact moment the bathroom door is left open and bee lines it to the potty to try and take a bath in it. Case in point, I was working on Braden during one of his fits after coughing some junk up only to hear Evan screaming “Hurry mom…oh yuck Jacob!” I yelled “what's he doing?” and I get hit back with “HE’S IN THE TOILET!!!!!!” And I yell “GET HIM OUT!” to which Evan responds “EW YUCK NO WAY! He’s all wet!” So sure enough, after I make sure B’s stable, I run into the bathroom (of course my insane worst case scenario mind pictures him face down in the toilet <<shudder>>) and I find Jacob standing up flailing his arms and splashing water like he's in a Neutrogena face wash commercial. UGH so gross! After scrubbing him down TWICE with antibacterial soap and drying him off I felt a little better. Needless to say we have long discussions with Evan on keeping the door closed to the bathroom at ALL times!

Other things Jacobs hones in on….any unattended glass of water and the dog’s water bowl. Last week he dumped Braden’s water used to heat his bottle all over the entertainment center (luckily sparing the Wii and Dish receiver) and then tonight he dumped  the dog’s water bowl which is an ice cream bucket full of water and flooded the entire dinning room. I think the plan will be to have a much smaller dog dish so I don’t need 5 bath towels to clean up…yeesh!

Lets see what else has been happening around here. Last weekend Jacob and I made a trek to Omaha to my friend Kristin’s baby shower. It was awesome to see her and to have survived the 2.45 hour trek by myself with Jacob. It was not uneventful by any means. He did sleep for about an hour on the way down but then about 20 minutes outside of Council Bluffs he wailed uncontrollably and I was doing the 1 hand on the wheel, 1 hand wagging a cheese stick at him to get him to take it. When the cheese stick fell on the floor I tried to give him a bottle which he in turn threw back at me…it apparently wasn’t the right temp, so then I tried to give him his snack trap and he looked at me like I had just fallen off the banana boat. I’m thinking he thought I gave him a broken Sippy cup because he kept dumping it upside down and smacking himself in the face with it. Silly kid…luckily though we both survived. The car ride back was a little rough, poor baby had to cry himself to sleep but he was a trooper!


New goings on with Braden these days? He cracks himself up! We finally got the new Flextend trache in the mail which allows the trache and vent tubing to be farther away from his face and he is loving it. Twice now he’s rolled over onto his belly and even this weekend he lifted his head and rolled from belly to back. He’s a rock star. He also has gotten really good at clapping and making noise with his hands. He starts laughing hysterically after he claps and makes noise. He’s quite the little entertainer. He’s also tolerating sitting up in his tumble form chair more now that Early Access dropped off a bigger one. He also loves to grabs his legs and try to get his feet and is seriously ticklish in his meaty thigh area ;) He put on a great show for Sarah this weekend and even showed off his piano playing skills for Gma and Gpa Byersdorfer. He’s also really begun to hate having CPT (chest physical therapy) done now. I even tried to do it on his buddy Ernie first to show him it was OK and he cried real tears for Ernie…he can play me like a fiddle that one! He still loves his brothers and loves to wave to them in the morning when he wakes up. I put Jacob in his crib the other day and put the rails up to let them play while I picked up around Braden’s equipment and I happened to look up to see Jacob STANDING on Braden’s tummy. I yelled for him to get off his brother and then saw Braden laughing hysterically. I’m glad I have boys who are tough!

IMG_0333        IMG_0334

Evan is constantly cracking us up and we are seeing little glimpses of a sassy 3 year old emerging behind his sweet façade. For instance, I say “Evan, please go get your shoes on” and I get “Why don’t YOU put my shoes on?” or “My daddy said I could do whatever I want” Highly unlikely bub! Seann and Wendy’s niece Callie stopped over while Seann got his haircut Sunday and Callie ran to his room while Evan was taking a bath and Evan asked “Where’d Callie go?” and I said “she went to your room until you are out of the bath” and he responded with “Well, I think I love her.” HA! I about died when he said that. We might have to have a talk about girlfriends because he also tells me how much he “sure does love his Au-bee” which is our good friend Sarah’s daughter. He’s gonna be a heartbreaker what can I say :)

IMG_0339                                  IMG_0337

Other than that we are anxiously awaiting warmer weather. These teaser 60 degree days aren’t going to cut it especially since this weekend forecasts snow BLEH! Oh, yeah, last week we also trekked to the park as a family and had a GREAT time! It started off a little bumpy with B not getting a nap that day and not having it in his stroller. I being the nice mom I am just threw his blankie over his face and started moving. Luckily our sidewalks stink around the house and are good and bumpy and it put him right to sleep. Unfortunately for him he slept the whole time but Evan and Jacob had a blast. Evan never fails to make friends where ever we go and met some a little boy there who was playing with an airplane. Of course Evan yells to me “Hey mom whats this kids name?” Gee I don’t know Evan why don’t you ask him haha! I think the best part other than going out as a complete family of 5 was watching Evan pull Jacob in his wagon. So sweet…melted my heart. Enjoys the pics and try to stay warm this weeK!


IMG_0285               IMG_0283

IMG_0290        IMG_0291

IMG_0300                            IMG_0305

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  1. In the toilet! Haha, sounds like there's never a dull moment in your house!