Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March of Dimes shirt…want one??

Well I went and spoke with A&R Marketing here in Ames and I think I have picked a design I like. I’m still open to suggestions though. I decided on baseball Henley's that are white with gold sleeves and there will be Cardinal Red writing. Unfortunately they can’t make the shirts smaller than Youth Small so there wont be toddler jerseys :(  I am making specific shirts for the boys so if you want something like that we can do it too. I think the shirts will be around $15/ea and I need to order a minimum of 24 (so far by my count from who’ve gotten back to me we have 15 so far!). If you want to walk with us and not get a shirt that is A.O.K too!

If you want one send me an email at boesen628@hotmail.com or shoot me a message on Facebook with how many and the sizes. I need to place the order before the 16th of April for them to be done on time.



The 11 is for 2011 - its all I could come up with at the time…got a better idea I am all ears and open to suggestions :)

So now that that is out of the way on to some other things going on here. Braden had 3 doctor’s appointments today in DSM and did awesome. AND…he rode all the way there and back…IN JACOBS CAR SEAT!!!!! This was the first time he has sat upright in a regular car seat and he did amazing!  Dr. Young (ENT) wrote him a script for a flextend trache which will help get his vent off his face but didn’t up the size because he said right now hes probably in between what he has and the next bigger size. He wasn’t too concerned since he is able to maintain his SATs just fine with the Peds 3.5 Bivona,

His next apt was at Dr. Noble’s (GI) where he ordered the next size G-tube. We have to order the G-tube from Iowa Home Health and then make another apt to come back. He suggested giving B Tylenol before coming as well to help with the soreness after the replacement is placed in. He also weighed in at a WHOPPING 20.2 lbs!

Next was his Apt with Dr. Alsayouf (Neuro) and everything went well there as well. If he goes seizure free till 2 years past his last seizure (Nov. 2012) then we can look at weaning him down on the Keppra. He will also need a 24 hr EEG then as well.

Then…..we trekked over to Mercy and saw all our family over there. It was awesome seeing everyone and B was true to form smiling and putting on a show for everyone. We even got to see 2 of our favorite neonatologists, Dr. Murphy and Dr. B. Everyone was so impressed with how big he was, how happy he looked, and how long his hair was. He got lots of hugs, kisses, and hair rubs from everybody. It was an awesome visit! We sure do miss everyone up there! Unfortunately we didn’t get to see all his girlfriends as they have been “mandatoried” and sent home due to lack of babies to care for in the NICU. Baby making is slow this year I guess. Its weird to see that considering when the boys were born they were overflowing with babes and were in desperate need of extra rooms! (Any of you NICU gals want to come work for us???) Hey I thought I would ask ;)

Here are some pics from this week….Enjoy!







                         The Boesen Grandsons200798_1676046216147_1087200584_31595105_8058819_n

IMG_0179 Playing Patty-cake with my bro

IMG_0184 Bailey is my bestest friend!

IMG_0189 Im a big kid now!

IMG_0195  He's always wanting to play in the toilet so we thought we would try…he didn’t go by the way ;)

IMG_0201 I turn away for 1 second and he steals two donuts from the bag Evan left on the floor!

IMG_0208 We love our puppy!

IMG_0214 Evan wanted to “take off our shirt and fight!”

IMG_0229 B and his pal Ernie


Visiting our NICU family

IMG_0234 We sure do miss our girls!IMG_0235 IMG_0236 Snuggling with one of our fav RTs!

IMG_0237 Zonked from the ride :)


  1. In the Boesen grandson picture - who is that larger boy in the background with the longer hair and red shirt? I haven't met him ;o)

  2. Amanda - this is Kate's sister, Kristen. I wanted to thank you for your support during this difficult road. I love your March of Dimes shirts by the way - they are adorable.