Monday, June 20, 2011

Congrats Uncle Beanie and Aunt Ann!!!!!

Well the BIG day finally arrived and it was in a word….AWESOME! Everyone looked gorgeous/handsome/you name it. The weather was perfect, the drinks were flowing, and kids were actually behaving :) I was seriously nervous after Friday’s rehearsal and thought that my children were going to be struck by lightening in the church with the way they were acting. Evan was bouncing on the pews, screaming and running around, calling Adam a “mean daddy” when he asked him to walk down the aisle. Yeesh I was crossing my fingers it didn’t carry over to Saturday and thankfully it did not. I was a bit nervous Saturday morning when Evan told me he was “NOT going to wear his suit” and to “pick something out of my room to wear” so we left the house with him dressed in his suit pants, dress shoes, and a wife beater…that’s right you heard correctly…a beater (like father like son!). But, once he saw his grandpa all dressed to the nines he wanted to look just like him! Thankfully grandma helped him get dressed.

IMG_1317  IMG_1319

IMG_1325  IMG_1326



Then Uncle Beanie and Aunt Ann arrived and Evan said “Mom, Ann looks so very pretty.” and I said, “do you want to go tell her that?” and he said “SURE!” so he ran to tell Ann how pretty she looked.

IMG_1332  IMG_1334

Then came the bus! 3 weeks of buffing, removing rust, priming, painting, picking new colors and painting AGAIN FINALLY paid off!

IMG_1337  IMG_1363

Then Isaac arrived and the ring bearers stole the show!

IMG_1345   IMG_1356

Our new extended family…


The boys did amazing walking down the aisle together. Evan hugged his pillow for dear life after Uncle Ryan told him if he didn’t drop it he would buy him a monster truck (pay up Uncle Ryan :) ) Isaac got to our aisle and then started doing a pageant wave…we were all dying laughing! (these pics are courtesy of Jill Dobel…not bad for taking pics for a hobby!)

260350_10150226085674805_510319804_7125869_3213015_n  260427_10150226085849805_510319804_7125873_7098322_n

After the wedding the bridal party hopped on the bus and drove to the Shale Pile (never heard of it until that day) to take pictures…of course our kid would be the one to drop his drawers to pee in a cornfield during pics! The photographer was laughing so hard I’m not sure if she got a pic of this or not. She debated on taking one and asked if she could go to jail for it :)

IMG_1441  IMG_1444

Then it was time to party. Evan had a BLAST. He was entertaining everyone with his amazing air guitar skills! I don’t think I have ever seen him so serious. He was jamming out and tapping his foot. He was all over the dance floor. He kept telling me “Mom you like the drums and I like the guitar OK?” Whatever you say my man!

IMG_1466  IMG_1479

IMG_1591  IMG_1604

BIG thanks to Uncle Seann and Aunt Wendy for coming to the reception to take care of the boys for the night and allowing me my first kid free night since Evan was born 3 years ago! We love you guys!

IMG_1542  IMG_1581

And BIG thanks to my parents and sister for keeping Jacob occupied during the wedding and while we were out driving around in the bus!

253644_1883003389947_1087200584_31863540_3322095_n  IMG_1474

The Byersdorfer Men….and Women….

IMG_1522  IMG_1608

All in all it was an awesome night to remember. I was shocked to find IHad taken over 360 pictures! If you would like to seem them all check them out here

CONGRATS Ben and Ann. Thanks for a great night and we are so happy to “officially” welcome Ann to the family (even though you have already been a part of it for the last 4+ years)



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