Monday, June 13, 2011

Trying to remember the randoms….

So this post is going to be jumbled and random so I apologize in advance. I didn’t realize how long it had been since I last updated. Lots have been going on at the Byersdorfer’s. Adam has been busy every night painting the bus in preparation for Uncle Beanie and Aunt Ann’s wedding so mommy has been busy chasing children and trying not to drown in a messy house/piles of laundry. Just to get it out of the way, there have been no major medical issues here THANK GOD so there is nothing to update here…other than the fact that Braden is talking…or yelling up a storm. Its awesome to hear his voice :)

Big milestones for Evan this month was that he went to the dentist for the first time and did awesome! Aunt Wendy did a great job prepping him for his visit so he knew exactly what to expect. He went right in, sat in the chair, let them count his teeth AND clean them. They were so impressed he got to pick a prize out of the treasure chest, got a Spiderman sticker, an ISU tattoo, and a Buzz Lightyear toothbrush. Evan_DentistHe was so proud of himself! The dentist talked to him about “sugar bugs” that live in juice and to always brush so the sugar bugs don’t make his teeth sick. The first day Adam got back from his work trip, Evan told him not to drink the Apple juice because “mommy found bugs in it.” So needless to say, Adam was confused and a little grossed out till I explained what kind of “bugs” he was talking about!




IMG_1205     IMG_1209

Evan passed out like this after a long day of playing         Watching Cars on Mommy’s laptop

Jacob is really trying desperately to walk. We have gotten him to take 6-7 steps between people. He just gets so excited he attempts to run and ends up falling down but at least he keeps getting back up. He’s such a goof.IMG_1170 He will bear crawl or scoot across the floor on his knees. I think its only a matter of time. He’s still getting into everything from drinking the dog water, turning the volume off and on on the receiver, climbing step stools, and throwing food at dinner time! He also thinks Bailey is his personal horse. We are pretty grateful that we have such a great dog who puts up with all his antics!

 IMG_1148IMG_1199        IMG_1231

Jacob playing with his brothers

IMG_1236   IMG_1248  IMG_1216

Riding his horsie Bailey                     Brushing teeth with Evan                Playing at the park

Braden has been enjoying all the extra attention he gets from his nurses. They have been training new nurses a lot these past few weeks so he gets double the ladies and he's loving it! He's gone on a few walks this summer too and has started to get used to the wind and not fighting it as much. Like I said above, he's talking up a storm and LOVES to yell at his brothers. He's also starting to fight back when Jacob comes over and attempts to beat on him…good for you buddy!IMG_1155  (Below-Jacob and Braden picking on Evan (under the blanket))

    Swinging with Grandma Byersdorfer and Evan


We’ve spent a lot of time at the park during the nice days and the boys love it! I apologize for trying to kill my mother in law on our walk to the park! I didn’t realize how HOT it was going to be on top of dragging the kids in a wagon but she was a trooper and stuck with it :)

IMG_1159  IMG_1175

IMG_1225 IMG_1221

Other BIG news…we got a POOL! IT came in quite handy with the 100 degree day...up until the point when Jacob pooped his little swimmer and it failed miserably in containing the mess! I was none the wiser until he slipped and fell and a plume of brown came out the back of his trunks. Needless to say I may have over reacted but I yelled “Everyone out of the pool!” and proceeded to drain it, bleach it, wipe it with clorox wipes, and let it bake in the sun. Evan was pretty upset with Jacob! Aside from his indiscretions in the pool, Jacob is a natural. He is NOT afraid of water at all! Its been pretty nice to have around…when we can keep the rain and leaves….and poop out of it!

IMG_1180  IMG_1184

IMG_1191      IMG_1196

This weekend we went to a couples baby shower and had a great time catching up with friends. Jacob, of course, loved the Campisano’s hot tub and Evan had a great time playing with his friends Emily, Gavin, and Vanessa. Its pretty crazy to see how far we’ve come. We went  from a bunch of crazy college kids who got together to tailgate and now we are having parties with our kids (some of us with 2..or in our case, 3)and lots of babies slated for the future - 2 babies born this year so far and a last count - 6 on the way!

IMG_1259    IMG_1262

IMG_1279  IMG_1282

Hope you are all enjoying your summer so far. I know we are. Look next week for pics from Beanie’s wedding. It will be interesting to see how Evan does being a ring bearer. If anything, he will sure look handsome in his suit! I will leave you with a nice circus in training pic of Evan balancing on his daddy’s shoulder! Ringling Brothers Here We Come!!!


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